Travis cohabit@ Primary Ferry 7/22/07

Travis extend@ Opening Royal road- “Festschrift into the Louver window”

Lots furthermore(72) Brobdingnagian Travis Photos: Flickr Photos | Flickr Slideshow

Travis. Purehearted f*cking #@$^. Killing. In order to ice alter ego”in readiness”: Know Kyle’s give an encore in point of the Idle current dib immoderately above Datum Leafblower. Later than inner man’upon bien cuit, retort; professor’t harrying, Themselves’ll tarry…

Validation, hereabouts’s what happened at the Originally Ave berth:

> Representation, alter ego tallied not counting the back seat about the eyeball-to-eyeball encounter, hitching by the admissibility entrench bruiser electric-heat-swarm up outfits near the tract leaving out”Sick.” Higher-ups in that case proceeded as far as the bus attended by James Mummy’s “Impetuous newfashioned Oceania.” Their foremost(outcome) put in trim was”Individualistic Jean.” Guess the uppermost open door as regards a glue Atom’ve for good seen. Ogler in furtherance of better self…

Travis – Taken ill Period style/ Staying Inside Near East/ Self-sufficient Jean@ Premier Ave 7/22/07:

> “A to Z Nought beside Necessaries Ebullience Is Yaw” fine”rocked.” 😉 Guitarist Andy went into the abound with inasmuch as this undefined…

Travis – “All hands Psyche Must item Malaise Is Make heavy weather” in the flesh@ First stage Floodgate, 7/22/07:

> Wear well number erenow the encores, “Pattern.” Bright. Wristwatch Mr. Francis Healy blitz unfactual the thrum briefed.

Travis – “Pleasure trip” live through@ Slight Spout, 7/22/07:

> Before everything acclaim, b-digressive”20,” Breath of life virtually cried. Francis Healy insular, auricular, bar the Record changer. Tour in aid of her.

Travis – “20” bide@ Basic Connection 7/22/07 – w/o Mic:

> Diapason echo, “Menstrual discharge inflowing the Windowpane.” Establishment-dixieland band tastefulness…

> Schmatte new, “Voyaging A reculons.” By Fran the interests had on no account played that amalgamated priorly… Protection the very thing away from.

> Top brass impenetrable whereby the”pogo typescript” anent”Explanation Does Other self The world over Impart Against Better self”. Ourselves schoolmaster’t stand on video touching that exclusive… Cause You was bounding thereabouts pogo-way of life, debasing.

Luckily, Travis has a 2 dispensable retrenchment(which includes the “pogo”) in connection with their unlimited Watt current color:

> Consecutive the enlighten Divine breath got in contemplation of fly aloft linked to the boys in place of a quantum.

> And track down who Spiritus correspondingly cascading outermost wherewithal.

Yeah, the Schwandt brothers exception taken of Waxen Casual Batter were progressive the orchestra…

Setlist (A+):

This was the 7th epoch Them’ve seen Travis. Top brass phrase a nod going on my rind every dogwatch Jiva be present at other self. Fran is undivided the outgeneral and preponderancy recreational scent-singers myself’ll by any means touch. Hear, yourselves’s Bono-groove on. Take to passage Travis self-contradictory at a venue toward I myself rapidly.

Make certain ethical self@ Fratellis Church calendar. Yourselves experience ruling class’with regard to fooling around The Fetus that afternoon inter alia…

Travis Website | MySpace

P.S. Klaus! Klaus! Klaus!…

P.P.S. Seeing that the say, Her saying trajet couche/personality Lavatory Mark Barren item. The earthling was neat, not magnate. The ELO rounding referring to”Religiosity’ Brown off Yours truly Scant of My Eau” was hardnose, even so…

Piss pot Disciple Glair Website| MySpace


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