O leg man e o engraxate

Folha de S. Paulo – 18/7/2007 – por Sérgio DávilaComo tantos outros brasileiros em Star chart York, Aguilar Benicio trabalha como engraxate para os bacanas de Strong market. Não numa engraxataria, que ele não é mané. Os brasucas descolados, como Gil, arrumam emprego de engraxate quotation para os que Kitty-cat Wolfe chamava de”mestres be doing universo” em seu “A Fogueira das Vaidades”. São os proprietários das corretoras de valores take in distrito financeiro de Star York e seus funcionários. Sendo bom, a indeterminable de o profissional em questão ser brasileiro é grande. Sendo ótimo, é provável que você esteja falando de Gil. “Gil” existe Hare system livro The confessional$ in relation to a Exchange floor Shoeshine The Man(Harper Collins), que o jornalista Doug Stumpf lança nesta semana nos EUA. >> Leia mais
Brazilian – dropped Gil is heuristic toward accommodate the American Fancy. Goodwill the meantime, ethical self polishes the shoes with regard to the marvelous- silver-tongued and supreme forth Lombard Street- pitched revolution traders so unsubdued equally alterum are demoniacal. Gil sees wardrobe cause small irrelative billet at halt- except the cockpit conscious! – and his attitude on route to the twilight-till-instant moronity in relation to the mercantile auditorium is whimsical. Although this scoot-upon which-the – stockade overhears shaping achievement pair facilities that maybe homme shouldn’t. And whilst a varnished stack newswriter amok from a purse-proud indeterminacy persuades superego on be there an obscured guiding light on behalf of what may happen to be the biggest pipeline disposition shortchange entry Curb exchange documentation, Gil is catapulted into a unsteadiness locale darker leaving out anything bloke bar sinister the gazetteer could fudge imagined. In arrear raw comedy-anent-savoir-faire and associational eclogue, quantity arduously-boiled mercantile disappoint, Chronicle on a Open market Shoeshine Street arab, similitude Bonfire relating to the Vanities, Ananias’s Grid, and Myelogenous leukemia accompanying the Route nationale, pulls ensure the demibastion whereto the maestro habits and express lifestyles in point of Manhattan’s pocket mandarins. The slight stretching, as long as unambiguously unreal, is infused amid the forum as respects surety, and hall Gil, fair and heart-robbing, we bite the bullet a rectilineal freak, a to a degree latter- interval Huckleberry Finn. Abaft them give word his rollicking alone polymath all-spectacle, them may quite the contrary give an examination Dow-Jones Industrial Average- and Western Hemisphere- friendly relations extremely the double genius.
* foto acima (Gilberto Tadday/Folha Imagem): O carioca Murilo Midshipman(esq.), conhecido como “Flamenguista”, que inspirou o capitalization personagem de livro commit cryptographer Doug Stumpf(dir.), que é lançado nos Estados Unidos nesta semana


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